Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ms Armenta,

Ms. Armenta,

Are there pieces of paper, or electronic files,
let's call them "public records", that include both the names
of the outsider candidates, and contact information for them?

And if those public records exist,
will you simply surrender them to public knowledge,
or will APS Modrall use public resources to litigate against
the public interest, and fight the surrender of these
documents like they have fought the surrender
of every other important public record of administrative
incompetence and corruption?


Armenta will respond in one of only three ways;

  • she will stonewall the request
  • she will reply that she has forwarded the request for
    public records to Rigo Chavez, APS Liaison
    to the APS Modrall effort to defeat the NMIPRA in court.
  • she will answer candidly, forthrightly, and honestly.

consistent with her obligations and responsibilities
as the APS' most visible senior role model.

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