Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Role Modeling Not Required of New APS Superintendent

for exactly the same reasons that it is not required of the current superintendent, or any other administrator or board member in the leadership of the APS.

How do you conduct a search for a public school superintendent without discussing the issue of the importance of role modeling?

Well it helps to have the press under control.

It helps to have four PIOs and a million dollar budget.

It helps to have friends like Thomas Lang, Kent Walz,
Phill Casaus, Michelle Donaldson, Sue Stephens, and
Thomas Pearl,
in the media.

And it helps that there is no accountability for them
to any standards of conduct as journalists,

or even as members of a community
whose number one priority should be to provide the best
possible education for 90,000 of our sons and daughters;

and not on prolonging the careers of the criminally corrupt
and incompetent in the leadership of the APS.

1 comment:

Joseph Lopez said...

Bill Reed could hire four security offices for what Monica gets paid, is she worth four people? Hell, Mr. Reed could buy several new cars per year to get his officers to emergencies and not have them break down on the way.

I like Monica Armenta, she seems really nice when you are not asking her about how corrupt APS is. My sister knows her, and says she is realy funny. I like funny, is shows they are not too serious and full of themselves.

I spoke to her when she got the job and asked her to keep her ethics even in the face of corruption, and not to be a spin doctor. However, if she wants to keep making the salary of four security officers, I guess she must spin like a damn motorcycle wheel. Sigh.