Saturday, October 06, 2007

District Attorney Kari Brandenburg Is "Too Busy" To Do Her Job

Kari Brandenburg is not too busy at work that she can't give out her work number to listeners to her radio talk show. She has time during her work day to clear up their boggle on the amount of sugar to put in a recipe.

Though when it comes to doing the people's business,
she says she is too busy to keep up with her caseload.

She has not found time so far to look at the evidence that has already been collected. She just cannot make the time to make a determination whether or not criminal misconduct had taken place in the public corruption and conspiracy scandal in the leadership of the Albuquerque Public Schools (Police Department).

There should be no further investigating to do. If the APS internal audit, and the independent private investigation of the scandal were at all competent; there should be no further investigation necessary.

It is simply a matter of reading the two reports and making a decision.

Yet Brandenburg is so overwhelmed with calls from people who cannot keep up with her fast paced delivery of cookie recipes, that she just can't find time to read the reports on what will be the largest public corruption scandal in the history of the APS.

Coincidently, the delay works to the advantage of the leadership of the APS, who would like very much to sweep the situation under the rug forever.

It works well for Darren White as well.

White is reportedly interested in running for congress;
but he is not interested in surrendering the public record of the (felony) criminal use, by the leadership of the APS, of computers and data bases entrusted to his supervision.

Brandenburg says she is too busy to complete the investigation.

She is too busy to determine if the leadership of the APS and the BCSO have betrayed the public interest and the public trust.

But if you want to chat about her favorite recipes,
you may call her at work, and she will be simply
delighted to spend some time chatting
on the company dime.

And finally; no report on public corruption in the city
is complete without citing the complicity of the Journal
in keeping it all from public knowledge.

(as is my custom, a link to this post has been sent to DA Brandenburg, and to Sheriff White, allowing them the opportunity to respond, refute, or rebut.)

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