Sunday, February 08, 2009

Winston Brooks plan for RGHS destined to fail

It is typical good ol' boy problem solving; impose a solution
without identifying the problems, and without documenting
any of the (administrative) shortcomings that led to the
problems, or that enabled the problems to persist.

Nowhere in this process did Winston Brooks survey the
teachers and staff at RGHS.

Despite the fact that between them,
RGHS teachers have 700 years of teaching experience.
(assuming 70 teachers, each with 10 years of experience)

RGHS teachers were never surveyed and asked;
what do you think is wrong here? and
how do we fix it?

Nowhere in the process were students surveyed and asked;
what do you think is wrong here? and
how do we fix it?

Nowhere were parents and community members
surveyed and asked,
what do you think is wrong here? and
how do we fix it?

Nowhere, did Winston Brooks survey stakeholders for their
input. Nowhere, did Winston Brooks document the issues.

At best, he solicited the opinions of the same good ol' boys
who have been trying, unsuccessfully,
to turn RGHS around, for more than a generation.

There is no published data on any of the problems at RGHS,
(except for NCLB test results).

What about the problems that lead to low test scores?
Where is the data on them?
Where are they even identified?

It is all about ass covering.

And to hell with students, staff, and stakeholders
at RGHS who are caught in the middle.


Anonymous said...

The same thing goes for EPMS...please let's not forget that.
There's some kind of pissing match between Winston and the principals of EPMS and RGHS.
He's never surveyed any stake holders at RGHS or EPMS!
What kind of boss takes a firing action on principals w/o investigations or even visiting the school during working hours?
Strange indeed!

Anonymous said...

There is not just a pissing match between Brooks and these schools but also with our school board member Dolores Griego.She thinks being elected to the board entitles her to vent her hostile venom at us and threaten RGHS with closure. She stated to parents; "If they don't like the changes, we can just close this school and bus these kids up the hill." As you make these threats, remember one word--RECALL!