Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Who is this man? update

Despite his own efforts, and the efforts of Director of Internal Audit, Margret Koshmider, the mystery witness at the secret audit committee meeting has been identified, and before the end of the day as predicted. link

He is Arbie Aragon.

What he and Koshmider hoped to gain by keeping his identity secret for a few hours, still unknown.

All he and she accomplished in the end, was making
the Internal Audit Division look like they are hiding something.

cc Arbie Aragon upon posting.

photo Mark Bralley

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Anonymous said...

Reasons for keeping an identity secret? A possible list:
1) He has ties with a board member or high rank official
2)His qualifications/license/history is in question, lacking, and/or dubious
3) He is already involved in some other financial mishap with some other organization
4) His name sounds like a cartoon
5) He couldn't pass a security clearance ( ex-con, etc...)
6) He or his company could be involved in a pay-to-play with APS (Ex: In of the Mountain Gods, etc..)
7) He's not who he says he is, running under a false identification or credentials.
**There's always a reason when a person doesn't want to be identified. ***