Wednesday, February 04, 2009

APS School Board to sign off on audit despite credible allegations of fraud.

The Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education
will meet tonight to sign off on the Moss Adams audit.

I have made a credible allegation regarding a fraud attached
to that audit.

I have been denied a principled resolution of my complaint.

I allege;
during the Moss Adams /APS Audit Committee meeting,
APS Chief Financial Officer Gina Hickman
made a statement which implied that the APS had satisfied some
federal regulation regarding whistle blower protection.

I am prepared to prove that APS' SilentWhistle whistle blower
protection plan, is nothing more than a forwarding mail box.

Complaints are returned to the people against whom they are made.
They close them without a fair hearing.
No investigation is done.
No statements are taken from anybody.
They are denied principled resolution.

As an example;

Superintendent Winston Brooks is behaving unethically.

He refuses to step up as a role model of
the student standard of ethical conduct.
His refusal is unethical on its face.

A SilentWhistle complaint was closed without a fair hearing.
  • No investigation was done.
  • No statement was ever taken from Winston Brooks.
  • No evidence was ever examined.
  • No attempt has been made to determine the truth.

There was never a principled resolution.

SilentWhistle served only to hide the truth.

APS' SilentWhistle cannot possibly meaningfully satisfy any federal requirement.

It remains to be seen,
whether or not my allegations will be proved or not.

The point is that they have never seen a principled resolution;
they have never been heard by an impartial third party.

The school board knows about the allegation of fraud that
is attached to the Moss Adams audit.

If they sign off on the audit, while at the same time denying
a principled resolution to a credible allegation of fraud,

do they not become part of that fraud?

So far, still nothing from Moss Adams.

I emailed them about the apparent fraud.
They read the email.

They refuse to respond on the the record.

They won't even acknowledge on the record,
that an allegation has been made.

At what point do they become co-conspirators in the fraud?

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Anonymous said...

When is this hearing? I have to be there. I am also a person who believed the 'Silent Whistle Blower' would protect me and my identity was given up by Charles Becknell and Lisa Merritt of the APS Office of Equal Opportunity.