Friday, February 20, 2009

Inspection of Public Records Request, JCMS Climate Survey and results

I have filed a public records request with Rigo Chavez,
APS Custodian of Public Records

regarding the recent Climate Survey at Jimmy Carter MS
and for the results of that survey.

Mr. Chavez is required by the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act, to surrender immediately, any requested public record which is easily available to him. This Survey and the Survey Results are easily available to him; he is in the same building with the RDA folks who wrote and administered the survey, and who will score the results.

Worth noting; it has been two months since I requested an original copy of the subordinate evaluation instrument, and he is yet to surrender it.

From: Charles MacQuigg

This constitutes a request for public records.

1) I require the opportunity to inspect and/or copy the School Climate Survey
which was just completed at Jimmy Carter Middle School.

2) I addition, I required an opportunity to inspect and/or copy the survey results.

3) A recording of the Audit Committee Meeting of January 22, 2009.

4) Finally, you are reminded that you are way overdue in surrendering;

a) the subordinate evaluation instrument, an original, not a xerox, originally requested almost two months ago; December 22, 2008.

b) the portion of the contract with Access Investigations, to investigate the APS Police Department, which contains any confidentiality agreement between the District and Access Investigations.


Anonymous said...

thanks for stepping up to help teachers....someone has to.

ched macquigg said...

as Dennis Miller always says;

... just a kid with a dream.