Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What if APS threw a school day, and no one showed up?

The Journal reports that APS is planning a "snow day" after
Memorial Day, fully expecting "no one" to show up. link

"We try to hold class, but after Memorial Day,
it will be that much less than what we've had (typically)
at the end of the year," said Vernon Martinez,
principal of James Monroe MS.

Martinez said the last day usually draws about 20 percent
of students.

He expects even fewer to show up after Memorial Day.

For the record, I have seen 25 "last days" of school, and
they are typically poorly attended for a number of reasons.

I guess I would feel better if APS' response was;
We will continue to try to find ways to make the last day
productive and useful.

Rather than;
Oh well.

The last day of school costs taxpayers $7,142,875.14;
give or take a penny or two.

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Anonymous said...

In my experience, this is typically the day students who missed an exam can come in at take care of it that morning. Other students that have behavioral consequences are often asked to come in on that day to help clean up the school from the last week.
However, exams and makeup work could be done online and consequences could carry over into August of the next school year.