Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More specificity, please.

According to the law, the notice of a closed meeting
must state the reasons, and the subject to be discussed,
with reasonable specificity, and the minutes must
identify the subject discussed with reasonable specificity.

The School Board is going to meet in closed session based on
the following level of specificity;

... the purpose of discussing limited personnel matters
in connection with Internal Audit.
That is isn't very specific. It does not tell the ethically redacted
truth. It is not candid, forthright, and honest.

The School Board can be more specific without breaking
the law.

The message given students in their standard of conduct
is that a person of character often must
"do more than the law requires,
and less than the law allows".

Are School Board members being
  • more honest than the law requires, or are they being
  • as dishonest as the law will allow?
Surely the law requires them to tell us,
which of the acceptable justifications they claim;
  • hiring or firing,
  • promoting or demoting,
  • assigning or reassigning, or
  • investigating or considering complaints
    or charges against an individual public employee

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