Monday, February 16, 2009

APS SilentWhistle complainant misled.

This link, is to a post where I built the case that
APS' SilentWhistle is itself; waste, fraud and abuse.

A fellow disgruntled former employee commented on the post.

His comment was essentially a chronology of a complaint
that he had filed with APS' SilentWhistle.

Essential to his complaint; APS Modrall will not surrender a candid, forthright, and honest financial accounting of their relationship.

His complaint was closed and he was told;

Request for information on legal fees paid by APS
may be requested via the Communications Department.
The statement is completely dishonest.

Yet the leadership of the APS didn't tell a lie.

The truth is, the truth is not available through
the APS Communications Department. link

Never the less,

APS' response had the effect of misleading the complainant,
pointing him toward a months long wild goose chase for records.

APS' SilentWhistle is a fraud.

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