Wednesday, February 25, 2009

APS Quality of Education Survey Results SY 07-08

Link to an executive summary of the annual survey
that is required by the NM Public Education Department.

Parents are supposedly able to participate in a survey for
their school here link, although at least some schools (13)
reported no participation at all (according the the executive
summary linked above.)

It looks to me, like the APS is avoiding asking some questions,
in an effort to suppress the likely responses. For example,
the negative effects of chronically disruptive students, and
the failure to enforce discipline policies is grossly under surveyed.

The Director of APS' RDA Division, Tom Genne,
has admitted for example, that the RDA has never asked APS

What do you think is being done wrong, and
what do you need done differently to succeed?

The APS used to have a Citizens Advisory Council.
Paula Maes, et al, disbanded the Council,
over the objections of its membership,
because she "didn't think it was working".

She did not replace it with anything any better;
it was not replaced with anything at all.

And now citizens have no voice in APS' decision making process.
They are disenfranchised stakeholders.

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