Friday, February 06, 2009

Ethics bills to be "consolidated".

The Journal reports, link, that nearly three dozen ethics
reform bills are floating around the Roundhouse.

Each, represents an effort to identify a particularly indefensible
endeavor, that while not illegal, is unethical and then make it
"against the law".

An attempt is being made to deal with each individually,
and they are clogging the process.

This is not ethical reform. It is legal reform.
It is adding to the list of things illegal.

Ethical reform means setting a new standard of conduct;
a higher standard of conduct;

a standard of conduct higher than the law;
which is the lowest standard of acceptable conduct.

Ethics reform means picking any one of a number of already
articulated and written codes of ethics, and then establishing
honest accountability to that code.

The identification and outlawing of only the most egregious
and indefensible "ethics" violations is a smoke screen for
not stepping up to honest accountability to a higher standard
of conduct, overall.

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