Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Webcasting the legislature, how important is it, to you?

How important is knowing what is become of your power,
and your resources?

Somebody else first wrote;

If there is anything at all to be learned from the movie
Saving Private Ryan, it is that,
you don't want to be in the first wave of any thing.

The first wave has already done their part.
It is up to the rest of us, to make their sacrifice worth it.

Janice Arnold-Jones,
Howard Delacruz-Bancroft r.
Charlie Christmann
have begun the era of
transparent governance
in Santa Fe.
They breached the wall,
and were first through.

It is time for the second wave to fill in behind them.

The hardest part of standing up alone has got to be the
wondering; why?

Martin Luther King said;
Over time I will forget the words of my enemies,
but I will never forget the silence of my friends.

At the very least,

contact your legislator and make sure that they understand
how important it is to you,
that they stand up in support of webcasting the legislature;

robustly, and rather immediately.

It is incredibly easy to contact your legislators by email.

It starts with a click here; link.

I used the link to contact both my representative and
my senator. It took about two minutes.

I wrote;
Please count me among your constituents who
want you to stand up in support of
in its most robust form, and at the earliest opportunity.

grateful for your time and attention

ched macquigg

Join the second wave,
stand up for what you believe in
for about two minutes.

photos Mark Bralley

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