Monday, February 02, 2009

If Paula Maes is re-elected to the school board tomorrow

It will be because the Journal refuses to report that during
a policy committee meeting discussion of an Administrative
Accountability Audit;

Paula Maes said;

"I will never agree to an audit that ... address(es) personnel.
I do not want an audit that would say; ... Tom Savage
is a horrible administrator."
This in spite of the fact the Tom Savage had direct oversight
over two of what independent audits revealed were the most
screwed up administrative divisions in the APS;
the APS Police Department, and
the APS Financial Division.

Audits of both divisions revealed significant standards and
accountability failures.

Paula Maes will never allow an audit that names the name
of any of the incompetent and corrupt good ol' boys who
run the APS.

She is one of them.

When I asked Journal education reporter Andrea Schoellkopf
if she wanted a videotape of Paula Maes indicating her intention
to cover the asses of the good ol' boys, she replied;
"OK, though maybe just for reference. I was probably there."

If that doesn't mean "so what?"

what does?

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Anonymous said...

As an educational assistant who was a union rep last year and who attended the meetings with the school board begging for a measly $1 raise I know Paula Maes and the rest are corrupt. How can this be? Are there no moral individuals left? I trusted the 'Chain of Command' and reported mis-conduct by our principal to those listed including the Office of Equal Opportunity's Charles Becknell. Dr Becknell gave up my identity to the principal and the entire staff. Therefore, my life was living hell for several months last year. I chose stand up to 'those in charge' Linda Sink, Andrea Trybus, Theresa Fullerton,Bob Woody, Susan Stoddard, Charles Becknell and his assistant Lisa Merritt. My reward? I was removed from my position and treated as if I has leprosy by the entire staff. I'm still employed by APS and they can't fire me ... I've done nothing wrong ... except show them strength of character, moral fortitude and courage.