Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This in from Jimmy Carter Middle School

The truth at Jimmy Carter Middle School
has been documented. A survey has been done.
There is some dispute over how the truth will be handled.

It is pretty clear to me that the Pillars of Character Counts!
require telling the truth.

Students are taught that they hide the truth
at the forfeit of their good character.

If we are going to continue to try to teach children that
their character counts, it must be our standard as well.
There is no getting around it. There is no equivalent gesture.

If it is too high a standard for us,
how is it not too high of a standard for our children as well?

Every generation expects the following generation
to be the first generation
to hold themselves honestly accountable to the truth.

Every generation tells the next,
about George Washington and the Cherry Tree,
and then leaves it at that.

If we really want our children to grow up to embrace character
and courage and honor,
someone has to show them what it looks like.

If Character Counts! at Jimmy Carter Middle School,
the student standard of conduct requires that the truth be told;
candidly, forthrightly, honestly.

The survey results, except for good and ethical redaction,
belong to all stakeholders.

The survey and the survey results are public records
created by public servants acting within their public service.

The "RDA lady" reportedly told teachers that, she will discuss
the results in a future meeting.

She also reportedly claimed that;

The principal has the right to let loose the results and
interpret "as she sees proper and fit".

I don't think so.

JCMS' Principal, is the senior most administrative
role model of the student standard of conduct;
the Pillars of Character Counts!

A nationally recognized, accepted, and respected code
of ethical conduct,
it has been the student standard of conduct since 1994.

It was the administrative standard of conduct as well,
until they removed the role modeling clause from
their own code of conduct, which used to read;
In no case shall the standard of conduct for an adult,
be lower than the standard of conduct for students.
According to the Pillars of Character Counts!;

the truth; the survey results, belong to all stakeholders.
(Except for that part of that truth, redacted for any ethical reason.)

The rest of it;
the whole truth and nothing but the truth, belongs to

If the Principal actually lays claim to the truth,
and insists upon sharing only what suits her interests,
she will be role modeling behavior that is
prohibited by the student standard of conduct,
the Pillars of Character Counts!

Unfortunately, there is no place to report her misconduct.

My complaints through APS SilentWhistle,
of the ethical misconduct by Superintendent Brooks,
manifest in his refusal to hold himself honestly accountable
as a role model of a standard of ethical conduct,
were denied a principled resolution.

They were closed with no evidence gathered,
no testimony taken, and no effort made, to determine the truth.

The truth is;

there is no where,
where you can report the ethical misconduct of a Principal,
and expect a principled resolution of your complaint.

If the teachers at Jimmy Carter Middle School are up to it,

insist that your principal model the Pillar of Trustworthiness,
by being candid, forthright and honest.

Insist that she show students what it looks like to tell the truth,
the whole truth, and nothing but the truth,
even when it is not in her personal best interests;
especially when it is not her best personal best interests.

Insist that she show them what it looks like
to step up for chopping down a cherry tree.

Upton Sinclair wrote;
We should not be so worried that our children
never listen to us, as we should be worried that
they are always watching us.

If we really want these kids to accept accountability to
meaningful standards of conduct and competence,
someone has to show them what it looks like.

They don't know who George Washington really was.
They don't know a cherry tree from an oak, and they may
never have seen manifest character and courage and honor.

I used to give T-shirts to kids who "graduated" from
Character Counts! training. On its front and back, it read;
Stand up for what you believe in ...
... even if you are standing alone.

And shame on us if we let them.

Any child standing up for character and courage and honor;
should have
  • an adult behind them offering encouragement,
  • an adult beside them sharing their sacrifice, and
  • an adult in front of them, leading by their example.

Edmund Burke;
All that is necessary for evil to prevail in the world,
is for good men to do nothing.

You pick a side, when you don't pick a side.

Good luck, Godspeed.

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Anonymous said...

the survey was long and uncomfortable. Many of us are not sure what they are going to do with the info.
It was scheduled in late January, seemingly after the Union president's meeting with the principle.
Officially, the survey is called a "climate" survey.