Thursday, February 12, 2009

Where are the draft minutes to the Audit Committee Meeting?

It is my understanding that the school board office does not
assign their staff to take committee meeting minutes.

The responsibility apparently falls upon the administrator
who is the liaison between the administration and the particular
committee having the meeting.

So far, no draft minutes.

There has been more than enough time to write the minutes.

I am beginning to wonder if the minutes are being hidden
because they either do, or don't, include the fact that
Gina Hickman represented SilentWhistle dishonestly
to the committee.

Apparently it is
APS Director of Internal Audit, Margret Koshmider
who owns responsibility for the minutes.

Interesting because Koshmider is part of the complaint that
SilentWhistle has been represented dishonestly, link

and would benefit greatly if the whole SilentWhistle scandal
never saw the light of day.

Can anyone say;

appearance of a conflict of interest?

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