Monday, February 23, 2009

This is Allan Gutowsky

He sits on the
APS Audit Committee.

He represents community oversight
over the APS Audit Committee.

He is there to watch over
the community's best interests.

I asked him if he had been told that there was an allegation
of fraud attached to the audit which he approved.

He said that he was not aware,
nobody in the leadership of the APS apparently,
has told him that an allegation had been made
that false testimony had been given at the meeting where
he signed his name under the recommendation for its approval.

Although he is not a government employee,
he is part of a governmental process.
He has an obligation to allow the petition of one's government.

I told him twice;
there is a fraud attached to the APS Moss Adams audit.

He refused to take the complaint, twice.

And then left by a back door.

It's not so much
how badly that he performed his duty at that moment,
as it is about what he has done about it since.

After reflecting upon it,
has he begun some kind of investigatory process, any kind?
or is he going to continue to pretend that
he has no obligation to do so.

Time will tell.

cc Allan Gutowsky upon posting.

photo Mark Bralley

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