Thursday, February 12, 2009

APS Chief Financial Officer resigns.

According to an article in this morning's Journal, link

APS Chief Financial Officer, Gina Hickman,
has announced her resignation.

Hickman is the center of a complaint filed with the
Office of the State Auditor, alleging that she misled the
APS Audit Committee, and ultimately the State Auditor,
by representing that APS has a whistleblower program that
meets the requirements of the federal government.

Hickman, a former APS auditor and controller, had been
promoted to CFO, despite the fact that she never blew the
whistle on the irregularities later cited by the Meyners' auditors;

irregularities that may well have cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

Hickman expressed a need to spend more time with her family.

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Anonymous said...

About time.
You think she got a sweet severance package?