Monday, February 02, 2009

Role modeling coverage, a la the Journal.

The Journal reports that Olympic swimmer
Michael Phelps has come up short as a role model. link

The fact that,
the entire leadership of the APS has failed as role models,
through their overt refusal to be held accountable as
role models of the APS Student Standard of Conduct

still not newsworthy.

As an aside, I would offer that Phelps failed as a role model
not so much in being photographed with a pot pipe in his

as he did by admitting only that;

a pipe that looked suspiciously like a pot pipe was in his mouth,
but not that he was actually smoking pot.

Perhaps he,
like the young, later to become President Bill Clinton,
never inhaled.

Role models come into their own, not in being perfect,
but in stepping up to accountability for being imperfect.

George Washington is held up as a role model for children,
not because he never chopped down anyone's cherry tree,
but because he did,

and then he stepped up to the consequences.

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