Monday, February 09, 2009

APS Finance Division 2008 Project Plan-Final

Is the title of a document dated 4/29/2008.

In that document is an Action Item that reads;

Continue to ensure that anonymous reporting
hotline tips are followed up.
Ensure a (sic) environment where whistle ..."
The entry is truncated, because the whole answer wouldn't fit
in the little square provided on the form.

I have proved that hotline tips are not followed up. link

It is the essence of my allegation that APS CFO Gina Hickman
misled Moss Adams auditors, the audit committee, and
stakeholders, when she testified that APS' SilentWhistle
program, fulfilled needs identified in federal regulations.

Nothing yet from of the Office of the State Auditor,
on the complaint that I filed link, alleging the SilentWhistle
fraud in the audit report that the APS has filed with that office.

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