Tuesday, February 03, 2009

KRQE does a piece on low turnout in school board election.

KRQE did quite a piece on the fact that no one is going to
vote in the school board elections today. link

If they had spent the same time and energy covering even
one of the issues in the race;

  • student discipline
  • an impartial administrative audit
  • administrative role modeling of the student standard of conduct
they could probably have doubled the turn out.

The Journal editors will weigh in tomorrow on the low voter
turn out.

They will bemoan voter apathy, hold out hope that when the
elections coincide with other elections, the voter turn out may

And they will ignore the fact that if any of the mainstream media
had offered any substantial coverage at all,
the voter turnout might have been surprising.

The Journal's coverage today is called "Elections at a glance"
which pretty much sums up,
their entire coverage of the elections.

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