Tuesday, February 10, 2009

RGHS stakeholders one "out"

The decisions that have been made at RGHS will not be
reversed. They will not even be revisited.

Good ol' boys do not tolerate, or enable, the questioning
of their "command" decision making.

RGHS stakeholders must push back.

Demand to know the process by which stakeholders will be
involved in future decision making. Don't settle for the
meaningless opportunity to speak before the "design" committee.

It will be a hoax, just like every other committee invented by
the leadership of the APS, the function of which is to lead
stakeholders to believe that they are part of the decision making

Demand to know the process by which complaints will be resolved.

The only proof that stakeholders have any input at all, is the
promise that their complaints will receive a principled resolution;
fair, impartial, and with effect.

Do not accept APS' SilentWhistle as a means of filing
a complaint. It is a sham.

Any complaint process which sees the complaint resolved by the
person against whom the complaint is made, or by one of their
fellow administrators, is a sham; pure and simple.

The most important decision that a group will ever make,
is when they decide how they will decide.

It should also be their first.


Anonymous said...

EVERYONE at our APS middle school knows about the horrific decision of the principal nominee at RGHS.
I didn't have to say much... everyone knows.
EVERYONE at my sister's APS middle school knows about the horrific decision of the principal nominee at RGHS.
I didn't have to say much... everyone knows.
Any faith anyone had in Winston Brooks is dwindling. APS educators see him now as 'dangerous" for the decisions he's made. As far as I know, there's no one to defend him.
I hope you get your ass handed to you Winston. You are keeping this nomination at RGHS out of personal pride. As usual, when you make a mistake, you refuse to back down. More and more know it. Karma has a way of handling such things...

Anonymous said...

How is it that schools like MHS formed a committee 2 years ago to interview,and vote on, the VP position. This committee included parents, teachers, the principal Tim Whalen and staff.
Another committee was formed about 1 year ago when Whalen announced his retirement plans. Again, various members, except Whalen, formed the committee and considered several candidates.
Why doesn't RGHS deserve the same rights and respect? Is it because they are a brown school, and the whiter powers that be think Browns can't make their own desicions, and thus their own destiny.
Mr. Brooks isn't just shying away from stakeholder interest... HE IS ROBBING A WHOLE COMMUNITY OF THEIR DIGNITY AND MAKING THEIR OWN DESTINY!
You were right Ched.... these kids need the opportunity "to learn to learn".
Mr. Brooks, you should resign in shame! What kind of role model are you for these kids ????