Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rigo Chavez, APS' Custodian of Public Records

I have reviewed my records, and would like to present
an overall picture of "truth telling"
by APS’ Custodian of Public Records.

I am still waiting for the truth to be told on the following issues;

  • A record of compensation paid to Paula Maes’ husband’s law firm, Modrall,and any record of compliance by Paula Maes with board policy prohibiting the creation of a conflict of interest.
  • A record of payments to the Albuquerque Journal, which might influence their willingness to investigate and report upon the truth about the leadership of the APS.
  • A list of email addresses or any contact information for APS stakeholders who deserve to know the truth about the failure of the leadership of the APS to stand up as role models of the Student Standard of Conduct.
  • Records of APS administrators who have attended NMIPRA training by the AG’s Office or any other.
  • The results of the Access Investigations, investigation into public corruption and criminal conspiracy in the APSPD, despite the fact that the investigation has been kept secret for so long that statutes of limitation have already expired on felony criminal misconduct.
  • The portion of the contract with Access Investigations that covers their obligations with respect to keeping the investigation results secret from stakeholders.
  • Any recordings of my various arrests at board meetings.
  • Records of communications that ended fire safety inspections in schools, thereby freeing funds to build the completely unjustifiable new board room.
  • Copies of the instruments used to survey school staffs in the annual subordinate evaluation of their principals.
  • The identity of student newspaper sponsors.
  • Contact information for the members of the Character Counts Leadership Council, or an honest accounting of the federal grant money that was appropriated for them.
  • The identity of the person responsible for delivering falsified records of board meetings to TalNet for broadcast to the community.
  • APS Police Department yearly budgets.
  • The name of any senior APS administrator willing to respond on the record, to legitimate questions about the issue of an administrative standards and accountability audit.
  • A candid, forthright and honest accounting of spending at the Uptown Administrative Complex, including a candid, forthright, and honest accounting of spending on the new board room.
  • A request to be put on the emailing list for Winston Brooks weekly message.

It seems just a little more than preposterous that
we are paying $80K or $90K a year to a public servant
whose job it is, to hide the truth from stakeholders.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's logic Ched,
If Winston & Co. don't feel like they have to answer to parents (in the latest case w/ Linda Torres), then why should you have any priority. [I say that tongue in chhek].
The sad truth is that for whatever reason, Winston keeps throwing Soto under the bus in regards to Torres. Soto talks to the media (not Mamawarbucks Armenta.... what's up with that ?!?!?), soto talks to parents at RGHS... Winston is nowhere to be found, he refuses to answer to the parents.
And public record?!?!?
Linda Torres told the parents of RGHS that the taser thing wasn't true,a nd she wasn't involved.... but the Denver Police Department have a record of her ordering the taser punishment w/security guy.
So they can dodge, they can lie, they can put our kids in danger over and over when will they have time for you among all thier disgusting shananigans? [simple logic]