Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bill Richardson promises UNM faculty the truth.

According to the Journal, link,
Governor Bill Richardson has promised UNM faculty members "open, direct, and constructive dialogue".

"I am hopeful that today's meeting will renew a mutual respect between all parties and lead to more open and constructive dialogue," Richardson said. "I have the highest regard for the faculty at UNM and would welcome direct discussion about their concerns."
Has he promised to tell the truth?

Does open, constructive and direct mean that
stakeholders will be told the truth?

Will their legitimate questions be answered candidly, forthrightly,
honestly, and on the record?


The last time Richardson promised stakeholders the truth,
was when he asked taxpayers to approve a third of a billion
dollar APS bond issue;
"... despite APS' earned statewide reputation for
their lack of financial accountability."
He promised stakeholders open, constructive and
direct dialogue then too;
right after voters approved the bond issue.

There was no dialogue,
the truth was never told at all.

Which begs the question;

Why should UNM faculty believe Richardson now,
when he asks them to believe him when he says
he will dig for the truth "later"?"

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.
Chinese proverb.

How about we start the open, constructive, and direct
dialogue right now.

Let's talk openly, constructively, and directly about
Bill Richardson's every intention to push
his campaign "money man" into a regent's seat at UNM,
even over the expressed objection of UNM Faculty
and other stakeholders.

Let's talk openly, constructively, and directly about
an independent audit of the administration of public resources
by the UNM; an audit that reports to the public record.

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