Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rigo Chavez, APS Director of Communications

and Obfuscation, and APS' Custodian of Public Records.

I have made a public records request for
the JCMS School Climate Survey and survey results.

It was necessary for me to ask,
because it had been announced that the survey results
would not be universally shared with stakeholders.

If nothing else;
the expressed intention to secret some of the truth,
represents an unequivocal violation of
the APS Student Standard of Conduct,

which is the Administrative and Executive Standard
of Conduct
as well,
for obvious reasons.

They are role modeling conduct antithetical to standards
of conduct that they establish and enforce upon students.

In any case,
instead of just calling up Tom Genne, APS RDA Director,
the administrative division that administered and scored the
survey, and asking him to shoot me an email with the records
that I am looking for,

he has instead "

... requested a copy from the school and will let you know
when it is ready for your inspection within the 15 days
allowed by the Act."

The net effect is that if the request is ultimately complied with
at all, it will only be after the maximum amount of delay allowed by "the law".

The message told to students;
A person of character
often has to do more than the law requires,
and less than the law allows.
Role modeling, schmole modeling.

We should not be so worried
our children never listen to us,
as we should be worried
they are always watching us.
Upton Sinclair


Anonymous said...

Some teachers at JCMS expressed hope that you would get the records, and they appreciate your efforts. They cannot ask Rigo because he's more uppity to us than he is to you.
My 1st question was: How come not, or is she, Ellen Berstein, requesting this info? If she sn't she needs to! People have a right!

ched macquigg said...

I will get the records.

They will hide them for as long as they possibly can; but they can't hide them for ever.

Maybe the JCMS Principal will take the opportunity to get on the right side of ethical redaction of the survey results.

An excellent question; why hasn't the union stood up for teachers in the effort to get administrators to carry their share of the load with respect to student discipline and chronically disruptive students?

Anonymous said...

To my knowledge, Ellen Berstein has never published, nor asked for, results from APS school surveys.
The time, trouble and efforts you put in for free should be automatic obligations of the Union! They get paid well for this kind of work, while you slave away for a handful of thanks.
Please add another "Thanks" to your handful!

ched macquigg said...

and thank you, for your kind attention to my blog.