Thursday, February 19, 2009

Frank Foy's lawsuits.

Frank Foy is having to sue public officials in order to exercise his rights under the law, to inspect and/or copy public records.

Taxpayers are paying the salaries of lawyers who are arguing that because Frank Foy is suing them, his has forfeited his rights under the Inspection of Public Records Act.

It bothers me considerably to be underwriting with my taxes,
the legal weaselry that makes it difficult or impossible
to inspect public records.

Modrall did the same thing to me.
They argued that because I was litigating against them,
I had no more right to inspect public records.

We pay Modrall, a lot of money
to litigate exception to the law for administrators and
board members.

We pay lots of lawyers, lots of money
to litigate against the public interests.


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