Thursday, February 05, 2009

APS School Board sanctions fraud, unanimously.

The APS School Board voted unanimously to accept the
recent Moss Adams APS audit.

Before they voted,
I pointed out, on the record, that the audit contained a fraud;
that APS Chief Financial Officer, Gina Hickman
had represented that APS had a whistle blower process
that meets (unspecified) federal requirements.

I have proved that APS' SilentWhistle is a sham.

And to imply that it meets any meaningful standard for an
honest opportunity for whistleblowers to find a principled
resolution for a complaint, is simply dishonest.

No one in the leadership of the APS, or at Moss Adams
has denied or refuted any part of my allegation.

I also placed on the record, the fact that
no investigation of my complaint was conducted,
no evidence was examined,
no testimony was taken, and

no effort at all, was made to uncover the truth.

Never the less, the board voted unanimously to ignore the
complaint, approve the audit, and sanction the fraud.

Journal education reporter Andrea Schoellkopf
was in the room, must have heard the allegation,
and will not write a word about it. She would have to ask
the leadership of the APS only two questions;

  1. Has APS represented to Moss Adams auditors, or anyone else, that its SilentWhistle whistle blower program satisfies any requirements of federal or state regulations?
  2. Is is actually true?
She will ask neither.

Expect Journal editors in the next day or two,
to scourge voters for their apparent apathy
regarding the recent school board elections.

UPDATE; wow, wasting no time, editors fixed the
blame in an editorial in this morning's Journal. link
And good riddance to turnouts in the low single digits —
less than 3 percent of eligible voters made it to the polls
this week.
A state constitutional amendment ... will piggyback
school board elections on higher-turnout nonpartisan
municipal elections.

See, it isn't the Journal's fault for not covering even one
substantial issue in the election; the worst coverage yet for
Albuquerque's newspaper of record.

It is because the elections are not held on the best possible day.

Shame on the Journal,
for their incompetence and, for their cowardice.

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