Monday, February 23, 2009

Who is this man?

I have raised a legitimate question about the legality of
the last meeting of the APS Audit Committee.

During that meeting, this man gave testimony.
He was a public servant acting within his public service.

After the meeting, he was asked for his name, repeatedly.
He refused to identify himself, repeatedly.

His official response;

"My mother taught me to never talk to strangers."

His boss,

APS Director of Internal Audit,
Margret "Peg" Koshmider
admitted that the man is an APS auditor.
She also refused, as a public servant,
to surrender his name.

The meeting was conducted in secret, for
"the purpose of discussing limited personnel matters
in connection with Internal Audit."
The fact that the audit committee has no authority to
talk about "personnel matters" at all, not withstanding;

if they needed to talk about it in secret, it was for a reason.

If the "personnel matter" made the leadership of the APS
look good, they wouldn't be talking about it in secret;
not under a cloak of secrecy this broad.

So, it seems fair to assume that
somebody has done "something" wrong; "something"
that points to the lack of standards and accountability in
the oligarchy that leads the APS.

Now public servants, at work, are arrogantly trying to
keep this man's name a secret. To what end?

Do they really supposed that his name will not be known
by the end of the day anyway?

If you ask anybody in the entire leadership of the APS
to tell the truth about what is really going on;
the ethically redacted truth; candid, forthright, and honest,

they will stonewall you.

Because as bad as role modeling dishonesty is;
and it is really, really bad, it isn't nearly as bad as
the consequences for role modeling;
telling the truth.

This is manifest lack of character and courage.
There really is no third alternative.
If there were, someone in the leadership of the APS would
post it as a comment on this post.

Go ahead someone in the leadership of the APS, give us
any other reason to refuse to tell the ethically redacted truth,
except that you lack the character and the courage to do so.

photos Mark Bralley

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