Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What in the hell is going on at RGHS?

I went to the parent meeting at RGHS last Monday.

A parent stood up and said/asked;

Winston Brooks has on a number of occasions,
applauded the progress that RGHS is making.

Al Sanchez is a much respected and beloved principal.

Why is he being moved out?

It is a simple question really.

Granted, RGHS has not met NCLB standards for five years.
But they were making progress; commendable progress
by Winston Brooks' own estimation.

So why run off the man who was leading the recovery?

It's a good question.
It is also a question that will not be answered.

Because if you ask the leadership of the APS to sit still and
answer legitimate questions candidly, forthrightly and honestly;
their response means; no.

Former APS Superintendent Peter Horoscak once said;
"You can't just tell the truth;
you never know how someone might want to use it."

Not much has changed in the intervening decade or so.

The leadership of the APS can't just
tell RGHS stakeholders the truth; because

you never know how they might want to use it.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you parent for pointing out what we are all asking.
Virtually none of the APS schools are meeting NCLB. MAny of the schools in the USA are not meeting NCLB. However, as pointed out, RGS was making progress. By that reasoning, all principals in APS should be fired.
And where are the other principles on this? Can they not be good role models of social justice and stand up for one of their own? Have they been reduced to spineless weasels that can't see if they don't stand up for Sanchez, they could be next?
Sanchez gave his life to RGHS, and now he gets a "Get the hell out" thank-you, forcing him into retirement.
I don't know Sanchez if I saw him on the street, but I know this whole thing stinks on many levels!