Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Paula Maes; four more years.

With Paula Maes re-election to the APS Board of Education,

her husband's law firm, the Modrall,
is guaranteed four more years of getting rich by litigating
exception to the law for APS administrators and board members;

four more years of getting rich by using unwitting taxpayer
support for "education" to litigate against the public interests.

It will also be at least four more years before a candid,
forthright, and honest accounting is given for APS spending
through the Modrall.

The board's own code of conduct, which specifically prohibits
"creating the appearance of a conflict of interest"
will be ignored for at least another four years.

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Anonymous said...

What is wrong with the public? Is it easier to ignore the corruption than to help create change? I stood before Paula Maestas and the 'Board' begging for a raise as an Educational Assistant last year. Imagine the humiliation as the members looked at their watches during my portion.