Monday, February 09, 2009

Chatted with the Office of the NMAG

My complaint has been acknowledged.

I learn about the process as I go.

It is not going to be fast. *

The turnaround time; normally as many as three weeks,
now, with the Legislature in session,
likely to be as many as five.

Whomever answered the phone,
was remarkably helpful and courteous.

The complaint will sit before a committee of three people.
Together they will decide the fate of the complaint;

  • it might be rejected on its face,
  • it might be forwarded to another governmental agency, or
  • it will be followed up upon, by the NMAGO.

it strikes me as problematic, that

the Offices of the State Auditor and Attorney General,
are not funded beyond their wildest dreams.

Talk about giving taxpayers some bang for their buck.

fyi "bang for the buck" link

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