Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Paula Maes is one of the good ol' boys.

Foursquare against meaningful standards of conduct and
competence, and foursquare against honest accountability
to any standard of conduct at all.

Mary Lee Martin, is either a good ol' boy herself, or
wouldn't know a good ol' boy if he was biting her on her ass.

There is no good and ethical reason for the lack of standards
and accountability in the leadership of the APS.

It is the work of generations of good ol' boys.

Or am I wrong?

Is there really no ethics and accountability crisis in the APS
after all?

An Administrative Standards and Accountability Audit
would settle the issue once and for all.

If an impartial audit reveals
a profound lack of standards and accountability,
the allegation that they are a bunch of good ol' boys is proven.

If the audit comes back clean, the allegation is proven false.

It would be the single best thing by far,
that the leadership of the APS could ever hope for.

A clean audit of the leadership of the APS
would restore their image in the community.

A clean audit of the leadership of the APS
would mean they could look taxpayers in the eye,
the next time they ask them to float a bond issue or mill levy.

It would prove that they have recovered from
the standards and accountability failures that have been
identified by every audit that has ever been done,
on the leadership of the APS.

*I will bow to controverting fact.

A clean audit is the best thing that could ever happen
the leadership of the APS.

Talk about restoring community trust.

There is no reason at all not to do the audit,
except that,
it is not going to come back clean.

If Winston Brooks' continuing employment
depended upon the return of a clean audit,
he would not be getting an extension.

He would not be getting a renewal.

He would not have a job.

The test for "good ol' boy" is simple as
a straightforward and legitimate question;

Will you support an honest and impartial
standards and accountability audit of
the entire leadership of the APS?

Any answer except yes, means no.

Any answer except yes, means they are a good ol' boy.

Mary Lee Martin won't answer the question.

Paula Maes answered the question by saying;
"I will never agree to an audit that ... address(es) personnel.

I do not want an audit that would say; ...
Tom Savage is a horrible administrator."

This despite the fact that the record suggests he clearly was.

Tom Savage had direct oversight over two of what
independent audits revealed were the most screwed up
administrative divisions in the APS;
  • the APS Police Department, and

  • the APS Financial Division.

How can this not be an issue in this election?

Is it as simple as

The good ol' boys in the media covering the asses of
the good ol' boys in the APS?

And to hell with everybody else;
including the 89,000 of this community's sons and daughters
who are students in the APS.

How else can you explain it?

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