Wednesday, February 25, 2009

UNM faculty "no shows" at Confidence Vote meeting today.

Monahan pulled this quote later in the morning,
and recanted it the next day.

There is a meeting scheduled for 3 pm today.
At the meeting a vote of (no)confidence will be conducted.

Blogger Joe Monahan reports this morning, link
that at least some faculty members will not be allowed
to attend the meeting. He wrote;

"Paul Roth who is one of the VP's at the UNM Health Sciences Center has ordered HSC staff and faculty to not attend the faculty protest Wednesday. Paul was elevated to VP status by President Schmidly..."
emphasis added

Say what?

At what point in this process, exactly,
did faculty members at the UNM Health Sciences Center,
forfeit their constitutionally protected human right
to petition their government?

Somebody should do something.

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Maggie Washburne said...

People from the med school were there. The meeting was civil. I think the faculty are quite fearful of this group, but it was a good showing.