Monday, February 23, 2009

Audit Committee minutes; current history.

The Audit Committee met on January 22, 2009.
The minutes, according to state law, were to have been
ready ten days later.

They were never posted on the APS website,
as was past practice.

The Audit Committee approved the minutes without having
first surrendered them to public knowledge. And without
allowing any objection to be raised before voting.

Had Robert Lucero allowed it,
I would have pointed out that the minutes made no mention
of the remarks by APS CFO, Gina Hickman,
that implied that APS' SilentWhistle met "federal regulations".

Unless federal regulations recognize programs which
do not offer fair and impartial adjudication of complaints,
the representation was fraudulent.

Margret "Peg" Koshmider is
the Director of Internal Audits.

I am led to believe that
her admin was responsible for
the minutes of the
Audit Committee meeting.

The thick plottens when we look at
the reason why, SilentWhistle cannot
be represented as anything but a fraud.

SilentWhistle is a forwarding mailbox.
It forwards complaints directly to Margret Koshmider
who then decides what will become of them.

Margret Koshmider closed a SilentWhistle complaint
against Winston Brooks without a principled resolution.
Then she closed another complaint against herself.

It was her conduct that made Hickman's remark untrue.

Hickman's remarks are still missing from the minutes,
which were themselves missing, for more than two weeks.

Who really knows what's going on here.

The only thing we all know for certain is that there is
an appearance of a conflict of interest.

It is expressly prohibited conduct,
if APS board policy were to be believed.

cc Koshmider upon posting

photo Mark Bralley

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