Thursday, December 18, 2008

Will the Albuquerque Journal cover the APS School Board election?

That's the $64K Question. wikilink

So far, the Journal has admitted their names and occupations.
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It can be reasonably argued that, the Albuquerque Journal
has a very real obligation to provide voters with all of the information they need to participate meaningfully in the February School Board elections.

There is a very real probability, I would argue, a certainty,
that the Journal will ignore its obligation.

Ignore is actually the wrong word, and explanation of why it is the wrong word bears writing; Whomever it is at the Journal who decides whether or not the question is "newsworthy" will not ignore the question, she, he, they, will make a very deliberate decision not to investigate and report upon the question of public servants being accountable to the truth.

You can decide for yourself, why they are coming to that conclusion.

It is worth noting that they really aren't pushing the issue of
Bill Richardson's refusal to answer legitimate questions
about current scandals in his administration.

There is a central and very fundamental question.
Voters have a right to the answer.

The question is;

Are you willing to tell stakeholders the (ethically redacted) truth?
If elected to the school board,
will a candidate make a solemn promise to stakeholders, that
they will create a district wide policy that requires public servants in the public schools to answer legitimate questions, candidly, forthrightly, and honestly?

Voters, I think, will not cast their vote for any candidate
who would answer the question; no.

Nor would they cast their vote for any candidate
who cannot summon the courage to answer the question at all.

The only real question at all is;
Will the Journal ask them each the question,
and then will it tell voters, what each of them said?

cc. Journal Education Reporter, Andrea Schoellkopf
upon posting.

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