Sunday, December 21, 2008

Leonard DeLayo for School Board? I think not!

He has failed once already, badly.

In early 1990, then APS Police Chief Daryl Harrell resigned in the wake of a scandal reported in the Journal. The Journal reported;

"The Bernalillo County district attorney and the Albuquerque Police Department launched a joint investigation.

No criminal charges were filed. But the APS-funded audit that followed was highly critical, citing a lack of accountability and professionalism within the department."
The leadership of the APS clearly ignored the audit results; because twenty years later, we are in exactly the same situation; a lack of accountability and professionalism in the department. link and link

Only this time, the whole thing happened on Leonard DeLayo's watch. And according to the Journal, When the scandal was exposed, DeLayo claimed to know nothing. DeLayo said;
"...he has heard nothing negative about the APS police agency ..."
According to the Journal, when the 1990 scandal was revealed, Leonard DeLayo wondered;
"what kind of system do we have that lends itself to no accountability."
And then he led one; a system that lends itself to no accountability.
The system never changed.

During the time Leonard DeLayo was on the board, the whole problem happened again.

Were that not reason enough to disqualify him from being elected to the school board; he has repeatedly refused to step up as a role model of the APS student standard of conduct.

That by itself, is reason enough to deny him the seat.

Leonard DeLayo knowingly permitted, or recklessly allowed, the public corruption and criminal conspiracy in the APS Police Department. He is either incompetent or corrupt. He refuses to be held honestly accountable as a role model.

It's a twofer.

He has no business even running for the school board.

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