Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Voters betwixt a rock and a hard place

New Mexico voters have a long history of supporting
education by raising their taxes.

Yet, voters are so put out by the lack of accountability in the
spending, that they are likely to reject any tax increase no
matter how worthy.

What else can voters do? What other choice do they have
except to end the flow of money down APS' rat hole.

Winston Brooks says; Give the APS more money link
while at the same time saying;

  • But don't expect us to be at all transparent or honest in how we spend it.
  • Don't expect us to put our budget and spending up on the internet for voter scrutiny.
  • Don't expect us to hold our own good ol' boys accountable even for breaking the law.
  • Don't expect us to conduct an audit that will expose the corruption and incompetence that will waste a significant part of every dollar that taxpayers provide.
  • Don't expect us to answer even legitimate questions about the public interest, candidly, forthrightly and honestly,

  • but by all means raise your taxes to give us more trust and treasure to squander.

I don't think so Winston.

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