Sunday, December 21, 2008

70,000 years of teaching experience, and no seat at the table where decisions are made.

APS has a department called, Research, Deployment, & Accountability according to a business card I have in my hand. On the APS website it is called Research, "Development", and Accountability. The department employs at least 48 people from secretaries (3) up to directors. It would appear that of the 48, 10 (almost 1 in 5) are being paid as managers and directors. I have no idea what their annual budget is;
I asked, and the question was ignored.

  • They are two years behind in publishing demographics.
  • They are two years behind in publishing AYP results.
  • They are three years behind in publishing SBA results.
  • They are two years behind in publishing Quality of Education Survey results.
  • They are three years behind in publishing N.M. High School Competency results.
All according to their website. link

They are more than 100 years behind in surveying the people who work in classrooms over what they need to succeed.

RDA does not survey teachers and educational assistants in an effort to quantify and qualify the data they can furnish, regarding life at the educational interface.

Nowhere for example, have they ever gathered data that describes the problems created by discipline problems in schools or in classrooms. No one outside the classroom has any idea of the width or depth of the problem. No where can you look to find out how much of a teacher's day is wasted trying to manage behavior instead of teaching.

No where will you find honest data on the number of teachers who feel unsupported by their principal when it comes to discipline problems.

There is one obvious explanation; all of the data would document problems that are owned by the administration, as opposed to ownership by those trying to do their job with the administrative leftovers when it comes to power and resources.

The leadership of the APS would rather hide the problem,
than fix it.

They will do anything to hide the truth; including having
a Praetorian Guard to run off anyone asking any questions about the data they refuse to compile.

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