Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My thinking has been challenged.

There is agreement that the issues are character and courage.

The disagreement centers on my expectations regarding courage.

I have written many times about the culture of fear of retribution
and retaliation in the leadership of the APS.

I know first hand what happens to those who stand up
in favor of honest accountability for administrative role models.

Any administrator who stands up for a standards and accountability audit will pay for their insubordination.

Life's a bitch.

Michael Josephson wrote;

If it were easy, everyone would do it.
Truth is,
as soon as a few people stand up,
everyone will stand up in a rush not be be the last,
and no one will be retaliated against.

The corrupt and the incompetent will be in no position
to exact revenge on anyone.

I stand by my demand for men and women of character
in the leadership of the APS, to stand up and be counted.

After all, it is they who decided to have us give kids a tee shirt,
that on its front and back read;
Stand up for what you believe in,
Even if you are standing alone.
A student struggling to do the right thing in the APS
should have an adult behind them, offering their support,
an adult beside them, to share their burden,
and an adult in front of them, showing them what it looks like,

leading, by their own personal example.


Anonymous said...

APS is kind of like Nazi Germany. It is a culture of fear and retaliation, even for small things... I have found that out personally.
If we "rebel" and whistleblow "en masse", then it is assured that some of us will be shot on the front lines immediately. That's what people are afraid of, and waiting on...they don't want to be the first "soldiers" to be "shot down" (fired, blackballed, etc...).
I got lucky when things happened to me after I spoke out. An honorable principle in another school believed in my charactor and hired me on, despite my previous administrator's attempts to make me unemployable in APS with bad recommendations.
People are afraid to put thier homes, lives, jobs and children's well-being in danger to speak out against APS.
APS even has court cases where administration and teachers siding w/ administrators took their "righteous wrath" out on students when the parents had complained, or took legal action (see "carbajal vs APS" for 1 account).
People that would attack children when they are supposed to be protectors and providers of children are dangerous people... and APS is full of these.
That's why people are afraid... for good reason!
--An APS instructor

ched macquigg said...

Someone else first said;

The one thing that the movie Saving Private Ryan, taught us is that you don't want to be in the first wave of

My father, on the other hand, put a certain amount of stake on, and afforded a great deal of honor to, those with the character and the courage to be the first one through the breech.

God rest his soul.

Anonymous said...

Attacking a corrupt system from the outside, by former employees who have blown the whistle, is an American tradition. I tried to report what I knew to be the biggest case in my 17 year career in safety, security and law enforcement in two states, and was treated like a criminal. I tried to walk the walk and was literally crippled emotionally as a result of the very dynamic that you describe so well: no one else would stand up and just say "this is illegal, Moon is breaking the law and vastly overcounting students" because of fear of losing their jobs or being the next ones to get their heads kicked in.

I was later arrested on the word of the very people who were stealing. APD were idiots that day, or were paid off, or one of Danny's former baseball players must have been the sarge that day, because it was a travesty. The judge basically told them so, when Moon was indicted. As well as when all the bogus charges on me were dropped, the officers who made the ill-advised arrest in support of someone trying to cover up a million dollar crime were chastised.

I yelled at a man who tried to have me killed for finding out he was stealing. That should not have been an arrestable offense, yet Moon got the cops to believe his lies and not a former brother in blue.

So, I suggest you get ten people from whatever school to agree to whistleblow together, whoever sees school corruption. Ched is right, if you stand up together, you will be protected by your numbers. If you stand up alone, you WILL get your ass kicked, you will be fired, they will try to get you arrested, and you will be poor and possibly disabled. Don't write statements together, make sure you write them separately, that is what they tell cops when a big incident happens.

You write things up in your own words. If the statements are exactly alike, judges smell people wanting the RICO reward money, not justice. Go for justice, and if the person is convicted, then you will get a percentage of the money your saved the public, after a judge signs off on it. No civil court involved, it is in the NM Criminal Statutes for RICO. (Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations). If you are threatened with violence or actually attacked, as I was, for reporting a crime, it is also Intimidation of a Witness.

Hope this helps, but I am not putting my ass on the line anymore, no one but Robin Hammer and Al Prezbylinski from the DA's office listened to me, and Al Wesson from APS(honorably retired). I must have spoken to EVERY APS administrator, I requested an audience with Beth Everitt and was refused by her majesty's HR person. I laid my case out to the then useless APS PD chief, ...well, go back and read my former posting here and you will see, I told basically everyone.