Thursday, December 11, 2008

Did APS Modrall spend tax dollars against the public interest?

As part of a settlement agreement between the APS and myself,
I was paid not to take incontrovertible evidence of felony perjury
by a senior APS administrator, to any agency of the law.

In essence, unwitting taxpayer support of "education"
was used to buy exception to the law,
for one of the good ol' boys.

It is one of the situations I am writing about when I write that
the leadership of the APS is not accountable, even to the law.

I think this is spending against the public interest.

I think that it should not happen again.

It is conduct that is prohibited by the standard of conduct
that the leadership of the APS, will enforce upon 89,000
of our sons and daughters, but not upon themselves.


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