Thursday, December 11, 2008

Their steadfast refusal to respond

Whether it is apparent or not, I struggle with my side of the

My side is that;
there is no good and ethical reason for public servants
to stonewall legitimate questions about the public interests.

It is only after a great deal of reflection that I come to the
conclusion that there are only one possible explanation
for refusing to answer; a lack of character and a lack of courage.

I have invited the leadership of the APS, repeatedly,
to lay a another reason on the table, and they will not.

What possible excuse can there be
for not laying that reason on the table,
except that it is indefensible?

If there were any good and ethical reason at all,
why wouldn't they share that good and ethical reason with

I can accept that there are good and ethical reasons to
refuse to answer some questions,
or some parts of some questions.

I can not think of any good and ethical reason
not to answer one question in particular;

Why won't you answer legitimate questions
candidly, forthrightly, and honestly?

There is no excuse for refusing to answer that particular
question. It is an absolutely fair and reasonable question.

And there is really only one explanation for that refusal;
a lack of character and courage.

If they are so embarrassed by, and so ashamed of,
their answer, that they will not explain, defend, or even
associate themselves with it,

how can that reason, not be an indictment of their character
and their courage?

Their refusal to sit still and answer legitimate questions about
the public interest, candidly, forthrightly and honestly
can only be explained by their lack of character and courage.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Seriously, correct me if I am wrong.

cc Winston Brooks and
every single member of the Board of Education upon posting.

Robert "the weasel" Lucero was the only one to respond;

Mr. MacQuigg,
Take me off your e-mail list!

Like he's on my email list! ha!

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