Friday, December 26, 2008

Silent whistle is an oxymoron.

when you consider the purpose of a whistle.

Anonymous writes

"Whenever an organization forms its own internal audit,
awareness, or review, especially with an air of secrecy
or "confidentiality", it can only be self-serving.

This would mean 2 things in my experience:
1)The activities reported would lead bosses to a better cover up and give them a chance to conceal evidence and
2) they would form a plan to protect their own asses from being tied to the inappropriate behavior.

Thus, this kind of system doesn't help the public,
doesn't bring inappropriate activity to light,
and will not be public-user friendly.
However, from a political view, and when you
"say it fast", it tells the public "we care".

In actuality, it means "we care (about covering our asses)"

What do you think happens when
there are millions of tax dollars on the table,
too few rules, too little accountability,
and too little record keeping?

So you go ahead and blow a silent whistle,
tell the one of the good old boys, that
other good ol' boys are ripping off millions of dollars,
and see what they do about it.

What if they just came right out and said;
We are using tax dollars to buy a service that appears
superficially to provide for a principled resolution of
legitimate complaints, while it in fact allows us
to secret from everybody but us, all of the corruption
and incompetence that is deliberately allowed or
negligently permitted in the administration of the APS
and more than a billion tax dollars a year.
Who do you suppose is going to do an audit to ferret out the corrupt and incompetent in public service?

Do you really suppose that the people who are stealing millions of dollars are going to do an audit that will reveal their criminal enterprise?

Do you really suppose that the people who are so incompetent that they could let millions of tax dollars go missing, will do an audit that will expose their incompetence?

Do you really suppose that the administrators who are not personally corrupt and incompetent, and who have done nothing to expose the incompetence and corruption, are suddenly going to stand up and expose what they have enabled?

You do so, in bone crushing naiveté.

And there will never, ever be an audit.


Anonymous said...

For decades, the LAPD (Las Angelas Police department)"welcomed" people to come forth and make statements. When such statements fingered their own officers or a public figure for inappropriate behavior, many of those "Whistleblowers" were sent to mental asylums by LAPD supervisors, classified as a "12" and would not be released until they would sign a form saying they were wrong and the LAPD were not to blame [This is true proven history].
Granted, APS does not yield the same power,but they do perform in the same spirit, ...a "Spirit of retaliaition and retriubuition on whistleblowers [paraphrased]".
APS or LAPD, that some sick #@$@ they lay on us!

Anonymous said...

I got committed for the easiest thing a cop can get signed - a suicide watch - and got arrested too, all charges later thrown out, my firearm still not returned to me even though they dropped all charges with prejudice. (the gun was in my car off campus, where it always is when I roll, in the glove compartment. I got a .45, passed all background checks recently, so they have no reason to keep my other firearm.)

APD is unwitting sometimes in just believing crooked people in power, and the people that they control with fear of job loss, with not looking into any reasons a person like that might try to set you up. They let the judge sort it out, but could be stopping frauds and such if they just believed the earnest whistleblowers.

And, sometimes they are part of the cover up, knowing what is going on so they can get in on the graft, to take a taste of what is 'rightfully' theirs. Dirty on the take cops are everywhere, just like fraudulent principals and peanut butter eating elephants in the Board Room and their performing monky lawyer contractors, turning the little accordian of graft and chittering in incomprehensible semblances of truth and manly words of worth.