Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Journal Editors write kudos for APS leadership

The editors wrote kudos wikilink to Winston Brooks this morning link.

The editors are rightly impressed that APS fired their Director of Internal Audits, Michael Kimbrell without months of administrative leave, a pay off, or any of the other nonsense that normally surrounds the firing of an APS senior administrator.

I agree.

Unfortunately, a firing of this type is a fluke,
and no one can point to a similar firing.

An optimist might see this as new beginning.

Their steadfast refusal to name a time, a day, and a place,
where the leadership of the APS will respond to legitimate
questions; candidly, forthrightly, and honestly,

and their steadfast refusal to stand up as role models of the
student standard of conduct; a nationally recognized, accepted,
and respected code of ethical conduct,

paints the real situation in its true colors.

The Journal editors chose not to mention the fact that
the firing was kept secret from stakeholders by Winston Brooks,
and that the only reason we know about it at all is because
Larry Barker broke the story, and only after APS spent
a month jerking him around on the surrender of public records
(the pictures taken by the APSPD) . link

photo Mark Bralley link

cc Winston Brooks upon posting.

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