Saturday, December 20, 2008

There are only two kinds of APS administrators

I recently argued to a senior administrator that there are only two kinds of APS administrators;

  1. the corrupt and the incompetent, and
  2. those with guilty knowledge of the corruption and incompetence.
If there is a third, what is it?

And if there really are good and decent APS administrators,
if there really are some people of character and courage,
willing to be role models and set the example for students,
why has not one of them stood up for what they believe in?

There are only two kinds of administrators in the APS;
  1. those who will hold themselves honestly accountable as role models of the student standard of conduct, if only for the few hours a day that they hold students accountable to that standard, and
  2. those who who will not.

If there is a third, I cannot imagine it,
and there is no administrator in the entire APS
who can suggest it.

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