Monday, December 22, 2008

How many APS senior administrators does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

I am looking for maybe two pages of public records.
I want the subordinate evaluation instrument that the district uses to allow teachers input on the conduct and competence of their principal.

I don't have the paperwork, and look how many APS senior administrators have nothing better to do than to get into the obfuscation of the surrender of public records;

  1. Thomas Genne, is the Director of the Research, Development/Deployment, and Accountability. He says he doesn't have it, and I should check with
  2. Bob Woody, who is the Director of Labor Relations. Bob Woody says he doesn't have it and I should check with Thomas Genne and RD/DA. I am fairly certain that it was
  3. Rose-Ann Mckernan Executive Director of the RD/DA who stopped by long enough to suggest that maybe I should go to
  4. Rigo Chavez, who is the Director of Communications and the Custodian of Public Records who will obfuscate the surrender for as long as he is asked. His office was also the suggestion of
  5. Andrea Trybus, who is the Executive Director of Human Resources, who emailed me to tell me that I should go to Rigo Chavez who will then ask one of them for the instrument, in order that he might eventually surrender it to me. Meanwhile,
  6. the Director of the APS Police Department has subordinates lying to him, and no less than three of them following me around the building harassing me. and
  7. the Executive Director of Communications is trying to figure out some way to spin the whole thing.
  8. The Superintendent is on everybody's cc list. And so is
  9. Art Melendrez and the Modrall law firm.
The only Director who is not part of this little exercise is the
10. Director of Internal Audit who is busy trying to make a SilentWhistle complaint against Winston Brooks disappear without anyone knowing. link

All at a very substantial cost to taxpayers.

Instead of just giving me the survey instrument.

Because the survey instrument is proof that
the leadership of the APS has never asked teachers,
in any meaningful way,
for their input on any issue at all.

And they need to keep it secret.

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