Monday, December 01, 2008

What good is a principle, if no one is willing to die over it?

Sacrifice is the currency of commitment.

You can say that you are committed to a principle,
but unless you can show us some of your blood, your sweat,
or your tears on the ground,

it is just "talk" about your commitment to the principle.

I submit as a principle worth dying for,
the hill upon which I am willing to die;

It is critically important that we show children
by our personal example,
what character and courage and honor look like.
And further,
Any educator that refuses to be held accountable
as a role model, is a threat to the ethical well being
of 89,000 of our sons and daughters in the APS.
Am I really the only person that cares about character counting in the APS?

The sacrifice you need to make on behalf of your belief that character counts, is to show up at the public forum at the APS School Board meeting, next Wednesday. You need to get there before 5pm in order to sign up to speak at the public forum.

You need to tell them that you expect them to explain, defend, or deny the fact that they removed the role modeling clause from their own code of conduct.

They struck the language which read;
In no case shall the standard of conduct for an adult,
be lower than the standard of conduct for students.

This is a hill worth dying on.

explain to me in words that any student can understand,

... why you will not.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Ched;

Do people maybe mistake you for an ethical glory hound, some kind of vain moral high-ground stander saying "look at me! look at me! Look how good and kind and ascended in thought I am!"?

I get that a lot when I try to explain my very thought-out and well supported points about corruption or 'mere' rule breaking. Plus I am humble, no?

You know I have bled and had surgeries as a consequence of standing up for my beliefs that stealing from the education fund was wrong and illegal. I wish Bill Reed had been APS PD chief back then, he would have taken the Moon case and ran with it, I truly believe.

I am inclined, nursing my scars instead of sitting on my laurels, to let idiots remain idiots, to let those who would be fleeced be fleeced, they LIKE being slaves I guess.

You have been trying to get the Albuquerque horse to drink the water of knowledge you provide for free, but it won't. For years and years and more years. They don't care enough to act, you have PROVEN that.

I no longer do either, that is Reed's job now. I know you won't stop, your blog is a testament to earnest writing on the narrow and easily understandable subject of accountability in school governement.

Brooks fired Whatshisname the auditor, maybe he will be better than the last slew of supers, I hope. He really fired him, no leave, no pay off, as you stated in your blog, that is truly a good step toward accountability, even if it was only internal and they didn't want to be embarrased with a news story.

I know the shoulds and shalls of many APS dichotimies, as old as my diect experince is now, because they repeat in every system you look at with crap controls on people in power.

Anyways, thanks for fighting the good fight, even if you do it alone.