Saturday, December 06, 2008

NMRP Chair Weh disgraces himself one last time

After disgracing himself so thoroughly in Las Cruces
with his abuse the "rule of the gavel", Allen Weh has
apparently decided to continue the slide into personal disgrace
by preventing discussion by the NMRP Central Committee,
of some bonafide and legitimate amendments to
the NM Republican Party Rules, including one which
would put an end to "rule of the gavel" forever.

He has announced that his, will be the only amendment that
will be discussed at an upcoming meeting of
the NMRP Central Committee.

It suspected that he will again try to conduct the meeting
in secret from stakeholders and the press.

Doubly disgraceful in my book.

It occurs to me that the complaint against
NMRP Vice Chairman, Jon Barela
still has not seen
a principled resolution.

Make that triply disgraceful.

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