Friday, December 12, 2008

The trouble with lawyers is;

they think that it is alright to hide the truth from stakeholders
to the extent that the law allows; the law with all of its
loopholes, technicalities and legal weaselry.

Their children, if they are students in the APS,
are taught that, they would engage in that kind of behavior
at the sacrifice of their good character.

We teach their children that a person of character
often does more than the law requires, and
less than the law allows.

At least that's what we tell them.

By the example set for them by their role models,
they learn something quite different.

Character Counts! in the APS.

Right, and I'm a Chinese sea cook.

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Anonymous said...

In the mail today:

From The union today:

The Albuquerque Journal has made a request for Elementary Schools' SBA proficiency rates by teacher (classroom). This is public information and by law the district is obligated to provide this information upon request. We have prepared this report by combining scores for all subtests for students assigned to teachers on the 120th day last year.

Mr. Brooks and I, Ellen Bernstein, Monica Armenta, and Rose-Ann McKernan met with Kent Waltz and others of the Journal. We shared the caveats and short comings of sharing one-time snapshot test scores without growth data and other information.

The Journal was not prepared to provide us any information about the topic of the article, when the article will be released or if the entire report will be published or placed on the web. It is important that you share this information with your teachers as we anticipate that an article could appear during winter break. You will be provided the same report for your school that the Journal received. On the principal's page of AIMS more detailed reports will be provided for your use. The full report provided to the Journal is available behind the Logon portion of the RDA website.

I personally hope that the Journal's editor and staff have good journalistic ethics, but I have no guarantees. If the Journal writes a story that is in any way harmful to teachers, I will be quick to recommend some kind of appropriate action like a subscriptions boycott.

Please do not worry yet as we have no idea whether or not this will even lead to a story and if it does what kind of story it will be.

Ellen Bernstein