Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Not that it will do any good

but, I have filed a SilentWhistle complaint against
APS Director of Internal Audits, Margret Koshmider.

The secret case ID number is; Case ID: fedef65f-e8ef-9ea4

What does an organization do, when they have no one ethical
enough to pursue complaints of ethical misconduct?

Case Status>>Existing Case Summary

Other submitted on Tuesday, December 23, 2008 at 9:07 AM
General Information

Case ID: fedef65f-e8ef-9ea4
Submitted: Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Type: Other
Company: Albuquerque Public Schools
Name: Anonymous
Relationship: Other
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Case Questions

Please identify the person(s) involved including names and titles:
Margret Koshmider, APS Director of Internal Audits

Do you believe that management is aware of this issue?

If yes, who in management?
APS Superintendent Winston Brooks

When (approximately) did this issue occur?

How did you become aware of this issue?
It happened to me

Does this issue involve any outside parties (vendor, customer, etc.)?

Please explain:

Margret Koshmider's behavior has a negative effect on SilentWhistle because as a result of her behavior, it has become obvious that APS' use of SilentWhistle is a sham.
It also has a negative effect on anyone who would like to use SilentWhistle, and they no longer have any reason to believe that the system is anything more than a way to keep ethical misconduct by APS senior administrators secret.

Do you believe that anyone has taken steps to hide this incident?


Please describe the issue in detail:
Margret Koshmider received a complaint from SilentWhistle.
She absolutely refuses to address the subject of the complaint which is that the Superintendent of the APS has refused to step up as a role model of and ethical standard of conduct, the student standard of conduct.
Instead, she is steadfastly trying to divert attention to tangential issues instead of the central issue.

What would be the best way, in your opinion, to resolve this concern?

If the SilentWhistle is to have any confidence at all from stakeholders,
it cannot be under the control of those most likely to be reported by the system.

It is a blatant and egregious conflict of interest.

End note: I am at a loss as how to explain why the complaint reads that it is filed anonymously. I must have clicked the wrong button at some point in the process.

Update; I have been notified by SilentWhistle, that APS has responded to the complaint;

This SilentWhistle has been sent to Margaret Koshmider's
Supervisor 12/23/08.

I have emailed Koshmider and asked for the name of her supervisor.

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