Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blowing SilentWhistle

From the December Perspective on the APS website,
page 6. link (update, 3/7/10; APS has obliterated this link)

SilentWhistle is the new APS Fraud,
Waste and Abuse Hotline that allows
individuals to communicate their
knowledge of any possible inappropriate,
unethical or illegal activities within the
district. SilentWhistle is hosted by a
third-party company – Allegiance, Inc. The
information communicated through
Allegiance goes directly to the APS Internal
Audit Department. Your communication
will remain completely confidential and
anonymous, unless you select otherwise.
The site may be reached by going to or you may
choose to speak to a live operator toll free
at 1-877-874-8416 (24 hours a day/7 days
per week). Your comments and valuable
feedback have a direct result to the success
of APS. (emphasis added)
Let's blow the SilentWhistle link on some unethical activity
and see what happens.

We will blow the whistle on Winston Brooks, who's
ongoing and steadfast refusal to step up as a role model
of the student standard of conduct,

a nationally recognized, accepted and respected code of ethical conduct; the Pillars of Character Counts!

is unethical behavior on its face.

Realize now, SilentWhistle really has no power to do anything at all.

They are in effect, a mail box for the leadership of the APS.

Whatever we send them, will be forwarded immediately to
the subject of the complaint, or one of his subordinates.

The subordinate is subordinate in "a culture of fear of retribution and retaliation ..."

It is a sham. The leadership of the APS is making a deliberate
effort to mislead stakeholders into thinking that their complaints
will see a principled resolution.

The creation of the appearance of a conflict of interest
is specifically prohibited by the school board's code of ethics,
a code which by their own words is completely unenforceable.

Not even by the mighty silent whistle.

So we will see now, what Winston Brooks will do with a complaint alleging his unethical abdication as the senior most administrative role model of the student standard of conduct.

The case has been filed, the secret case ID number is
Case ID: ba656791-a44a-a5fe
I have already been notified by email by SilentWhistle that
my complaint has been forwarded to Winston Brooks or one
of his subordinates, to be resolved.

This should be interesting.


Anonymous said...

Reporting Weasel HS VPs sexual comments and threats to the state don't do any good, and neither did reporting unappropriate touching by same said weasel to APD.
APD said "APS APD needs to hadle that...we're not allowed to get involved. Howevder, we wonder about that guy [the weasel] too. He has more problems w/ students attacking and vandalizing him than any other VP in the area."
Mt. Weasel has veen repoerwd by many HS girls over the years, but nothing ever changes.
Funny, huhn? Somehow I think this Whistlestop program has a Weael-immmunity policy as well.

Anonymous said...

I used the silent system to make a complaint about Modrall getting contracts with no Request for Proposal process, and complained that nepotism seemed to be influencing the process of lawyer selection. I also mentioned the illegal Triple I and the fact that Modrall will not release how much money they spent defending people like Gil from prosecution when he himself was using FBI computers illegally.

We will see if anything happens. Case ID 5598f958-8562-dab5.

ched macquigg said...

Thanks for standing up.

Keep us informed please, on the progress of your complaint.